Smith’s wish to have an own laptop

An Artist Paints His Dreamscape

Art is a form of self-expression that manifests itself through beliefs, ideals, and perception, and Smith Vohra’s love for art is no different.

Smith, a 15 year old, is a simple and humble young lad suffering from a lifethreatening illness who is undergoing treatment in Hinduja Hospital. He lives in Ghatkopar with his family and he is an only child. He studies in 10th class, but like any other teenager, he is good at drawing and loves drawing a variety of pictures. He loves to play cricket and football, and he has represented Maharashtra State in a football match in 2014.

One day, two volunteers from Mumbai division of Make-A-Wish India approached him and inquired about his wish. They asked him many questions to discover his personality and figured out that Smith is a talented boy who enjoys painting and photography. They learned that Smith wanted to visit Kerala to paint a picture of the backwaters and beaches. He likes taking pictures of everything that inspires him and then paints them, but his doctor denied a fitness certificate because of his health condition.

Make-a-wish asked smith many questions to discover his personality and figured out that he is a talented boy who enjoys painting and photography.

Make-A-Wish India worked on fulfilling his second wish of owning his own laptop so he could use Photoshop to develop hisNartistic skills. With access to the internet, he would be able to search up art that would inspire him to paint and colour. In a few days, Make-A-Wish India granted his innermost cherished wish by giving him a laptop which made Smith and his family overjoyed. Today, the laptop allows Smith to do anything he wants and helps improve his painting skills. Smith is now able to showcase and sell his paintings in exhibitions. This keeps him occupied and maintain his focus on his studies and
paintings and forget the pain of his illness.

Smith is so grateful to Make-A-Wish India for impacting his life that, in return, he gifted them a large photo frame! Make-AWish India hopes that Smith can pursue his passion and that art finds a place in
his heart like we have with him.

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