Sulagna Chatterjee, 13 yr. old girl suffering from a life threatening illness.
The child really adores Mr. Manish Malhotra and he is her favourite designer. Her wish is ‘to have a Princess dress designed by Manish Malhotra’. She goes ahead to describe him as ‘Magical Manish Malhotra’. She has actually even made a sketch of how she wants her dress to be, the colour combinations and how eventually her looks would be when she wears the dress.

The preparations for the wish fulfillment started about 15 days in advance where the child’s measurements, etc. was taken. Her accessories were purchased. Smallest of the details were taken care of, right from her accessories to footwear and everything that she would be adorning on the day of her wish fulfilment. Sulagna was very excited and was looking forward for the day of her wish fulfillment.

On the 28th of April 2013, an event was organised to celebrate Sulagna’s wish. This day coincided with the other events that were organized on the occasion of the World Wish Day 2013. The wish team had coordinated with different people whose presence would make Sulagna’s wish granting experience very special. On that day, apart from Sulagna’s family i.e. her mother, father and her grand-mother, her doctor under whose supervision she is taking her treatment, her family friends, wish team and some well wishers of Make-A-Wish Foundation of India were present. Besides these, there were many other people who had contributed to make Sulagna’s wish come true were also present.

On the morning of 28th, a make-up artist helped Sulagna dress up. When she was ready, she looked stunning in her pink Princess gown. To add to her royalty, a vintage car drove her to the venue where all the people waited impatiently for her arrival. As she arrived, she was welcomed with flower petals. As she got off the car, a group of young girls took her photographs and autographs thus giving Sulagna a feeling of being a celebrity. She walked through the stairway of the lobby of the Tata Theatre, National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA), Mumbai. The moment was no less than walking through a palace. She was made to sit on a couch where people came and greeted her. The wish team planned the event in such a way that it gave her a feeling of a Princess was sitting in her royal courtroom with the Courtiers. The décor of the venue added on to the grand ambience.

As her idol arrived, she could not control her excitement. She presented him with a bouquet and a card that she had specially prepared for him. She had also written a letter for Manish Malhotra that was read out by a volunteer as Sulagna does not have a clear speech owing to her illness. He was very moved by her gesture. He informed Sulagna and her family that they could contact him whenever she felt like talking to him. The wish team had got many gifts for Sulagna and these were presented to her by Manish Malhotra. She seemed mesmerized to see and have her dream designer by her side. A 3-tier cake was also organized which was of the same colour as her dress with a crown on it, she was so happy to cut it.

Sulagna was truly happy too that her most cherished wish came true. This was very obvious with her unstoppable smile from the time she had gotten all dolled up for this day. Her parents kept on thanking the foundation for making their daughter happy. They had not expected that their daughter’s wish would be celebrated in a grand manner. Her grand-mother could not stop weeping. She shared that it was the most joyous moment for her in years especially after Sulagna illness was detected. As for the wish team, the peak of their happiness was to see Sulagna admire herself in the mirror and dance around it. She seemed very happy and elated to have her wish come true.