When you want something with all your heart. The universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”. This is something thirteen-year-old; Oraya would begin to believe in now onwards.

The Art of Cooking fascinated Young Oraya. She expressed her long cherished dream of learning “how to bake a cake/ Cookies /brownie etc”. Her dream came true when Radisson BLU, a five star hotel, organised a daylong bakery session for her.

On 9th May 2012, Young Chef, Oraya, was sent a car with a front office staff to escort her and her sister to the hotel. As soon as, she got in the car, she was greeted as Chef Oraya by the Hotel staff. A journey of happiness and luxury had started.

Upon arrival, she was welcomed at the hotel by General Manager, the HR Head, Executive Chef and all other staff of the hotel. The welcome drink matched their smiles and hospitality.

It was like living a dream for Oraya, when she was given Chef Coat, a chef Hat and Radisson hotel Chef Badge and everyone greeted as “Chef Oraya”. Her happiness was beyond expression when she saw her name on Coat.

Dressed up in the uniform she walked around the hotel accompanied by Executive Chef, Mr Mohit Khanna. There was no limit to her joy as each and every hotel employee greeted her with respect. She greeted back with a huge smile on her face.

She felt very important person as she entered the bakery section. Chef Shantanu and his whole team, not only took out time to teach Oraya to bake cake and cookies but also patiently answered all her questions. Her first cake rose beautifully and she decorated it with circles and heart.

At the end of the long session, it was time for a delicious eight-course lunch where everyone joined Oraya. After lunch, the two sisters rested in a tastefully decorate suite so that they would be fresh for evening tea and the photo session with the Press.

As she was about to leave, Chef Shantanu gave her all the goodies she had made.

It was a befitting finale to a sweet day!