Adopting a Wish or number of wishes give(s) a great satisfaction and a sense of emotional fulfillment to an individual. Each individual well wisher could join the cause by adopting one wish and or more than one wish according to his / her choice.

Here are some suggestions and occasions to share the joy and be a part of the cause!

• Each time you celebrate a birth day of yours and your beloved ones.
• Each time you observe your wedding anniversary of yours and that of your family members.
• Each time you observe a remembrance day of any family members.
• Through your social nertworking circle.
• Through your professional network.
• Each time you go on a vacation, remember a child for adopting a wish.

and many more…

Whenever you think of adopting or contributing to the wish granting, contact us…

We will provide you various options to choose the wish of your choice from the list of pending wishes available with our divisions and national office

Donate the amount equivalent to the wish granting cost by cheque or online into our account

We will share with you the details of wish child and time of wish granting

You can join on that occasion or we can send you the images once the granting is over for your happy moments…

Please note all the contributions by way of money will get 80G certificate for tax exemption purpose