Become A Volunteer

Make-A-Wish India thanks you for your kind consideration to be a wish granting volunteer for our cause. This is a commitment from you, for a minimum duration of one year, with an understanding that

  1. You would attend a volunteer orientation training ( 2-3 hours on a Saturday) & then be willing to be assigned to a hospital with a senior volunteer for first two months to observe the wish process & documentation required.
  2. From the third month, you will be paired with a volunteer, to visit a hospital and interact with a child who has a life-threatening medical condition and thus help us identify the wish of a child.
  3. Each visit would take a minimum of 2 hours of your valuable time, apart from travel.
  4. You can commit to do at least 2 such visits / week.

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    Niloo Doshi
    Joining Make-A-Wish India has made a great impact on me since that last 11 years. It has opened the spectrum of my life to see problem of others beyond mine. I had always complained for the smallest things but Make-A-Wish India has taught me to value everything that has made me a completely satisfied person. I realized how blessed I am. I am really grateful to Make-A-Wish India for letting me be a part of this great cause. To bring a smile on the faces of children for whom suffering has become inevitable has become my only mantra in life.

    Arati Joshi
    As a young girl in my teens, I had read about the founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale. She inspired me, to work for a cause, beyond the routine of a homemaker. When I expressed this wish to my parents they were most concerned they had different plans for me and my welfare. Many years later, I chanced upon an advertisement of Make-A-Wish India asking for volunteers. By this time, I was independent and could make my own decision and thus started my relationship with Make-A-Wish India. I am thankful to GOD and Make-A-Wish India for allowing me the space to be of service. I hope and wish more people step out of their comfort zone and offer their time in doing something valuable. Try it and see the difference you make to your own life and thereafter in the lives of the children.

    Anuja Shams
    Who does not like their wishes being fulfilled ?If that person happens to be a child suffering from a life threatening illness, then the fulfillment of the wish becomes a new lease of life. We at Make-A-Wish India endeavor to do just that. The look of contentment, a top-of-the-world feeling and a beautiful smile seen on the face of a child makes all our efforts worth their weight in Gold. Every fulfilled wish, every gratified child gives us a sense of satisfaction, a feeling of achievement and immense strength to continue to impact lives in our own humble way.

    Chandrani Bhagat
    I have been a volunteer with Make-A-Wish India in Pune, and it has been a great learning experience for me. It is during wish identifications that I realized the preciousness of life. Very often, I do get attached to the children, I interact with and I also feel their pain. When this happens, I tell myself Chandrani,“ you have a heart that beats for others”. My very first experience with a wish child threw me off gear, as I was expecting a sad cranky child and here was this child whose face was decorated with the most beautiful smile. This child was unaware of the pain and reality around him.

    These children are my real teachers now – they have taught me to appreciate the tiniest blessings in life, which I would have otherwise overlooked. The highlight of my life is on wish fulfillment days – to me their screams, squeals of joy and laughter is pure music to my ears. Just be with them and your life has to change.