mumbaiIn 1995, Mr. Uday and Gita Joshi took their little son Gandhar suffering from Leukaemia for treatment to the USA.

Gandhar agreed to go only on the promise that he would get to visit Disney Land. In the course of his treatment, Make-A-Wish Foundation® volunteers met the Joshi family and went about fulfilling Gandhar’s wish in a way beyond his imagination. Gandhar passed away soon after their return to India. Inspired by the joy and magic that the wish experience had brought into their lives in a difficult time and in memory of their son, the Joshis were determined to bring the same wish experience to children with life-threatening illnesses in India. Thus, the Indian affiliate was established in 1996 and since then wishes have been granted to children across the country and Gandhar thus lives on each time a wish in India comes true!

Mr. Uday Joshi is the Hon. Program Director for Mumbai Division and has a team led by Ms. Sophia Falcao as the Program Coordinator. She has a team of 4 staff and over 40 volunteers that reach out to 18 hospitals in Mumbai. Mumbai is the largest wish granting location amongst all divisions and grants over 2000 wishes per annum.