hyderabadHyderabad Division was started on 21st January’2004.

Mr. Uday Joshi introduced Make a Wish to  Mrs. Madhumati Chukkapalli and suggested that they flag off a Hyderabad chapter. Mrs Chukkapalli took on the initiative and became the Hon. Program Director. Among the first memorable wish was that of a 17 year old boy battling a Chronic Kidney Disorder, who was very keen on meeting Cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar. We  started with this one wish on 10.02.04. Sachin was visiting Hyderabad for cricketer VVS Lakshman’s wedding. The boy was taken for the wedding and Sachin was delighted to meet him. 10 years and many more wishes later, we invited Sachin Tendulkar as chief guest for our 10th Anniversary. In his interaction with the guests and the Press he mentioned the name of our 1st wish child who had passed away 10 years ago and how he met him at V V S Lakshman’s wedding and that brought back a lot of good memories for the family present at the function.

Today with Dr. Pushpa Jain as the program coordinator with 1 staff and a team of 53 volunteers across 7 Hospitals …. We are able to grant …. Wishes / annum.